La Macina di San Cresci



“Artists are interesting creatures. We can be obsessive, dedicated, spirited and single minded in our pursuit for that perfect realisation of our art. We tend to be outsiders and are often that square peg in the round hole, so when you find an oasis like San Cresci you hold on tight -- for it’s that sense of belonging which welcomes you.”
Rebecca Rath , Australia

Discipline: Drawing, Painting
Country: USA
At La Macina: 2016

 In the spring of 2013 I spent three months studying in Firenze. These were the most transformative months of my life to date. My time in Italy is when I learned to trust my artistic creativity freely, when I learned to explore and adventure on my own without a plan, and when I became curious about the lives of artists and the meaning behind their works. As I painted from the terrace of an old building overlooking the Arno, I wondered what it would be like to have the freedom to simply paint and live in Italy with no further obligations. What would I be able to achieve?

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