La Macina di San Cresci


Lost wax casting

The technique of lost wax casting finds its roots in ancient times, almost all civilizations, from Egyptian to Chinese

civilization, both in the East and in the Middle East, inheriting it from previous civilizations or rediscovering it from the fourth century a.C. . have made use of it, both for the creation of sculptures and for the creation of objects of ordinary use.

Phase 1: Making the mold or negative
Phase 2: Making a wax copy
Phase 3: Installation of air ducts and jets on the wax work
Phase 4: Realization of a mold in refractory powder or ceramic material
Phase 5: Elimination of the wax through melting in the kiln
Phase 6: Casting of the molten metal in the cooked "form"
Phase 7: Cooling and picking
Phase 8: Finishing the piece
Phase 9: Final coating

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