La Macina di San Cresci


Technical aspect of painting

-The lessons will alternate on a purely technical and knowledge part of the basic materials and a practical part.

The discovery of the brush in painting. How to make a brush. How to make a painting board: how the use of copper as a support developed in the Dutch Flemish period. How a frame is made, differences between fixed frames, Tuscan / French cut. Different preparation methods according to wooden supports or canvases in cotton, linen, jute and more. How to get to the color; colors obtained from herbal juices and pollen. The pigment. Various types of binders, from water and pigment for fresco to water and sugar based techniques to natural egg based binders, animal glues up to modern synthesis based on vinyl and acrylic. Differences between watercolor, gouache, oil, acrylic with specific substrate preparations for each technique. Paints and finishes for protection and protective durability for some works: from beeswax to Damar.

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