La Macina di San Cresci



“Artists are interesting creatures. We can be obsessive, dedicated, spirited and single minded in our pursuit for that perfect realisation of our art. We tend to be outsiders and are often that square peg in the round hole, so when you find an oasis like San Cresci you hold on tight -- for it’s that sense of belonging which welcomes you.”
Rebecca Rath , Australia

Discipline: Video, Installation, Mixed media
Country: Germany
At La Macina: 2015

 I work in a variety of media. With a conceptual approach, I reflect on the closely related subjects of archive and memory. This often results in an examination of both the human need for 'conclusive' stories and the question whether anecdotes 'fictionalise' history.
My works are an investigation of concepts such as authenticity and objectivity by using an encyclopaedic approach and quasi-scientific precision and by referencing documentaries, 'fact-fiction' and local myths and legends. By using an ever-growing archive of my own personal belongings to create autonomous artworks, I try to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way.
Additionally to my "solo"-work, I work with the international artist group "Global Alien" and the video collective "Cameracartell", as well as in collaborations with fellow artists and curators in order to organize shows and projects.

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