La Macina di San Cresci


Studios and facilities

Type and size of studios:
- Studio called "Designer'studio" equipped with a big table
- Historic cellars (220 m2) divided into different areas.
All studios are open 24 hours a day. The entire centre is wireless equipped.

Painting: Easels, tables, for all types of painting: oil, watercolor, tempera, etc. Our artists are also free to paint in garden.

Photography Darkroom: Our dark room is designed for traditional black and white developing, with chemical stations, basic enlargers, etc. Artists are asked to bring their own laptops equipped with photoshop and other software for digital imaging work, although access to computers and inkjet color printing are available in our facilities.

Basic tools for wood.

Library: it is packed with books on art history, contemporary art, art theory, sociology, Italian Culture and Language, and more.
We suggest to bring your laptop. One communal computer have been set up for resident artists to share in the studio.

Facilities include also meeting table, video projector, digital piano, amplification system, projection screen, tripods, basic handtools, air compressor and electric stapler.

In the office there are printers A4-A3 black and white / color, scanner and copier.
Other printers : until A0 format, machines to plasticize and to bind A4 format ( service cost not included).





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