La Macina di San Cresci



"Tuscan terracotta lights up" is the premiere of a series of precious terracotta objects self-illuminating (Patent Pending) conceived for the enhancement

 of the material itself and destined to enrich the scenography of public and private gardens and green spaces.
The purpose of the collection designed by Duccio Trassinelli is to integrate the light, an element that arise from the objects themselves, vases and similar, therefore no more objects extraneous to the environment when not in use, but an integrated system for lighting green spaces .
The combination of three components: the valuable material, the shape that allows the diffusion of light and the light source, creates a unique, compact and original object and a new purpose: an innovative and patented system designed to revive a malleable material, strongly linked to the artisan vocation of the territory.

On this occasion Il Giardino di Zago will also host the works of the artists: Alfredo Futuro, Eva Antinolfi, Matteo Gioia, Richard Kattman, Silvano Porcinai.
"The Tuscan Terracotta lights up" is a multidisciplinary event, six artists in a garden: Alfredo Futuro, Duccio Trassinelli, Eva Antinolfi, Matteo Gioia, Richard Kattman, Silvano Porcinai.
The event is based on a real integration of languages belonging to various expressive fields;
six artists of different generations and backgrounds who will dialogue through the works following a common thread, art as an opportunity for innovation, productive and cultural growth.
This is why we thought of a garden as a location - a place democratically used for meeting , cultural and human exchange.

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