La Macina di San Cresci



9 - 10 April 2016.
Solo show by Silvano Porcinai.The Installation is inspired by a true story in Florence: the rescue and transfer in the Centro Ittiogenico

 del Trasimeno of 99 turtles, found in the fountains of Florence, joined in two tanks at the Cascine Park, pending their place in an appropriate environment.
The turtles, in this case marine, had been a unique story, discussed and debated from the point of view of the natural balance, security, education against the abandonment of animals by people who should take care of and also the great strength and adaptability to the environment by these animals.
Hence the number 99, the choice to realize 99 pieces. We may therefore say that the 99 marine turtles of Florence become at La Macina di San Cresci, for the Slow Art Day, the 99 land turtles by Silvano Porcinai.
The 99 turtles will be a limited edition, handmade in terracotta by the artist, different from each other in shape and size, but the idea is that the installation last only a few hours; the intent is that they should be around, that someone will take care - as has happened for the 99 turtles of Florence - so that they can inspire, suggest, provoke new emotions, insights and thoughts in those of you who take away.
La Macina di San Cresci participate with this show at the annual SLOW ART DAY , event taking place simultaneously in nearly 200 galleries and museums around the world, and that encourages to reflect, to observe and slowly to discuss artistic experience.

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