La Macina di San Cresci



Tancha Dirickson
27 October 2012
The Borgo di Montefioralle in Greve in Chianti was the scene of the performance "The Pasta Dance"

by the artist Tancha Dirickson. The project, a themed slow dance, is based on the active collaboration of the population. The participants, with masks created by the artist, walked the streets improvising movements and figurative games. Through the manipulation of the material, the simulation of the act of sifting the flour, or the gesture of draining the pasta, the artist connects elements of everyday life with situations where the action of an individual or group, in a particular place and at a particular moment they constitute the work.
Always interested in the culture of food and its social interconnections, the artist has already worked with other types of food; in this specific work her interest has been focused on pasta, as it is typical of Italy. The performance is part of a larger project which will have a subsequent phase with the projection of the performance video, an installation and an artist talk at La Macina di San Cresci, residence for artists where Tancha created the project.
Tancha Dirickson is the stage name of Andrea Dirickson Garrett. He is a multimedia artist of Brazilian origin. He currently lives and works in the agricultural valley of Okanagan and Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada.
Her research is based on relational aesthetics which leads to collaborative projects in which the artist uses irony and humor to convey messages about policies or situations.
Tancha Dirickson has an interdisciplinary master's degree in Visual Arts from the University of British Columbia.

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