La Macina di San Cresci



“Artists are interesting creatures. We can be obsessive, dedicated, spirited and single minded in our pursuit for that perfect realisation of our art. We tend to be outsiders and are often that square peg in the round hole, so when you find an oasis like San Cresci you hold on tight -- for it’s that sense of belonging which welcomes you.”
Rebecca Rath , Australia

Discipline: Painting
Country: USA
At La Macina: 2019

My work draws inspiration from patterns and objects in the decorative arts and art history. Through my work I want to tell a story. - biographical and historical. Using design and still life elements, I create a symbolic portrait of an inspirational woman artist. In each portrait, I am appropriating imagery from the artist’s body of work and combining her visual language with period cultural production, such as textile patterns, lace and/or ceramics. All subjects are researched from museum archives, auction listings and literary sources. I relish how each object and pattern has a layered story to tell about it’s origin and prominence. I delight in the stories of these ladies and consider my narrative antidote a part of each piece. Through my work, I hope to introduce viewers to significant figures in art, ignite their imagination and raise awareness for lesser known artists.

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