La Macina di San Cresci



“Artists are interesting creatures. We can be obsessive, dedicated, spirited and single minded in our pursuit for that perfect realisation of our art. We tend to be outsiders and are often that square peg in the round hole, so when you find an oasis like San Cresci you hold on tight -- for it’s that sense of belonging which welcomes you.”
Rebecca Rath , Australia

Discipline: Installation, Mixed media
Country: Russia
At La Macina: 2012

I am a book artist from Moscow, Russia. I try to find the new ways for working with literature texts. So, I started working with paper sculpture. I'm trying to fix the paper with glue, tape, paint and epoxy resin, so it may as exhibited in the exhibition space, as well on the street, park, etc.
I make paper sculptures based on different authorsor subjects. It can be any subject or artistic, historical and documentary textsin your choice.  

The literary text - a special internal authoring reality which itself shows through its ownsemantic signs. It needs no embellishment, no visual additions or explanations. Artist bookconfronts the reality of plastic simulated with the reality of literature, engaging in a complex game interactions, contradictions, or conflct. These two realities lie in parallel planes,but they have both paper reality.

Why does humanity need a system of signs as complex as language? If we assume that human language is a form of cultural replacement for the signal-based communication of animals, why does it serve to transmit a multitude of complex emotional states that do not play any role 
in the self-preservation of a species? 
What is the purpose of poetry? Why is man need of experiencing emotions such as sadness, longing, nostalgia for the past? What makes us empathize with long dead characters of ancient epics? Why do we expect a literary work to follow rules of style and composition? And how are the criteria for assessing those qualities derived?


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