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Courses of Restoration

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Restoration Courses

The courses are designed for those who want to deepen their knowledge of modern restoration, moving towards the present techniques.
Meaning the restoration as complex and multidisciplinary activities are offered various levels, depending on the duration and degree of the courses.
The internship also includes a course of restoration of contemporary art, whose complexity is due to the variety of materials (use of different materials: acrylic, resins, etc.)
Pictorial restoration (Restoration of the support, restoration of the painted surface, integration of painting, cleaning, painting)
1) Paintings on wood
2) Paintings on canvas doratura (a guazzo, a mistione, a gomma, argentatura, meccatura) Carved objects (mirrors, picture frames , etc)
CERAMIC RESTORATION, painted terracotta and glazed Bonding, reconstruction of missing parts, preparing, painting restoration
RESTORATION OF VARIOUS MATERIALS present at that moment in the laboratory
Detailed study of materials, assembly systems, painting with acrylic, epoxy and more. Consolidation and protection.
The course fee is not included in the residency fee.

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