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Glass art

Glass decoration

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 Decoration on glass using the traditional nineteenth technique of "acidatura".

The program is based on : Elaboration of a design in outline  extracted from decorative element where you want to draw the elaborate vitreous . Various types of mosaic on glass and on the mirror.Chromatic effects, gilding and silver plating on the vitreous .


Tiffany technology

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The precursor of this technique was the famous designer L.C.Tiffany who, at the end of the nineteenth century upon the expansion of the Liberty style and Art Nouveau, developed a new method for assembling stained-glass windows: each individual pane, instead of being mounted on lead frame tubes, was bordered with copper tape and then soldered. The ductility of copper and the lightness of the soldering make the Tiffany technique the most suitable one for creating lampshades, ornaments and small stained-glass windows, which are difficult to produce with the more rigid lead technique, used mainly in the manufacture of large stained-glass windows.

The students will have the opportunity of practicing glass-blowing and other techniques first-hand, acquiring familiarity with the material through graduated exercises. The course will provide all the necessary technical notions on the material and the tools.


Lamp's technology

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This is an ancient way of working glass for which Murano Island is famous; it is done by melting different types of glass together to create incessant combinations of ever-changing colours and shapes. A gas flame which reaches extremely high temperatures is used to work the glass, then the piece is worked by hand using pliers and rods, this allows endlessly new shapes, colours and proportions to be created.

For this type of working, glass in clear or coloured rods is used; its characteristics make this type of treatment particularly suitable for the making of pearls, rings, pendants, necklaces and various bijoux. The course will provide all the necessary technical notions on the material and the tools.



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