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Pete Codling (England )

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pete00007.jpg  Project :"In the foot steps of giants" 

Following in the tradition of many of the great modern British sculptors the artist Pete Codling is travelling in Italy to find inspiration amongst the renaissance masters and the contemporary art scene of Tuscany. He has been awarded a grant from the Arts Council of England to produce a new body of work in response to his travels. Many of the giants of modern British sculpture, Henry Moore, Elizabeth Frink, Barbra Hepworth, Antony Caro and Antony Gormley, have travelled and lived in the Tuscan region and haunted the galleries of Florence. The inspiration they brought home is clear in many seminal works and he hopes to stand in those footprints to gain a better understanding of their work and the broader Florentine influence on the history of British Art. Like the story of David and Goliath the artist volunteers himself to do battle with the art world and many have come to Florence to find their weapons. 

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